Examples Of Honesty In The Great Gatsby And Chicago

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What is honesty? Is there a difference between being honest with someone else and being honest with yourself? Well, in The Great Gatsby, a novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald, and in Chicago, a musical, by Dir. Rob Marshall, there are several characters that have a difficult time being honest with themselves and who they truly are. The characters in both the novel and musical all have something in common; they continue making the same mistake of lying to get what they want and to feel like they have control over anyone, mainly women. The main 3 things these characters will lie for is money, love, and having the upper hand. These characters have trouble saying the truth due to the fact that they have a reputation to uphold. One can see the characters in the novel The Great Gatsby and the musical Chicago lie in order to achieve success and maintain their social status. Characters lie for financial gain in the novel, The Great Gatsby and the musical Chicago. In Chicago, Billy lies in his cases to maintain his business as the “the best criminal lawyer in Illinois.” He charges his clients an outrageous amount despite the fact that he, in reality, does not care about his clients’ benefits. His main concern is how much money he would be taking for himself . In the musical, Billy, beginning to sing “All I Care About”, claims that he cares about nothing but love.However, while he is starting to sing, a little glimpse of his real thoughts, which is buying new coats, trying to choose
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