Examples Of Honesty The Crucible

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Why is it, that we live in a society that thinks success and lying is more important than honesty? Could it possibly be because this was how we grew up? Blinded by our own self- preservation, It’s not our fault. We learn from our mentors, parents and even by strangers we pass on the streets. It’s hard to process that this has been a constant battle in not just our time era, but decades before us. Take a look in the late 1940s when McCarthyism was happening. People lied and they hurt one another. This inspired, Arthur Miller to write his play, The Crucible. The play deals with many conflicts involved during the salem witch trials of 1692. It showed the people true colors. The two main character in the play, John and Elizabeth Proctor learned how to balance each other as Elizabeth exhibits the characteristic of integrity, while John demonstrates the quality of self-preservation.
“ People of integrity do not hide their reactions or opinions, they do not manipulate others through deception, and they do not pretend” (Unknown). Sometimes we are faced with challenges in life and other times we are handed everything, It’s our decision on how we act about these impactful events. In the beginning of Act II, we met a woman who goes by the name, Elizabeth Proctor. The mention of her name could easily fill up the room with pity but also coldness.This of course depends on the person viewing the play. She
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Could it possibly be self preservation? Many people believe that once integrity is lost that they are nothing. Without integrity we are nothing. This statement is wrong. How are we nothing? I personally believe that we are all flawed. Everyone has their moments where they do it before thinking. It’s a basic instinct. John, was one of the well developed character in the play. Even though he stood his ground to do what was right in the end, he still had his moments of where he thought about himself before
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