Examples Of How Jem Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Have you ever met someone who’s really mature for their age? Are you that someone? In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem Finch grows to be around 12 years old, yet understands more than most 12 year olds would. In Maycomb, Alabama, a trial occurs between a white, racist man and a black man named Tom Robinson who was accused of rape. During this trial and in other situations, Jem showed deep understanding of the severe racism in Maycomb. He knew how to listen to it, he knew how to comprehend it, and how to react to it. During the novel, Jem showed qualities of being brave, mature, and brotherly to his little sister Scout. Throughout the novel, Jem learned to be brave. Towards the beginning of the book, everyone was scared of the Radley …show more content…

While walking back from school several times, Jem and Scout found gifts in the knothole of a tree next to the Radley house. Scout didn’t understand fully that the gifts were coming from the man they were previously scared of. Although, Jem knew that he had been exchanging gifts and was upset when someone cemented the knothole and closed his only method of communication with the Radley’s(Boo Radley specifically). While the trial was going on, Jem paid full attention and when Tom Robinson was found guilty even though he wasn’t, Jem became really upset. When he got home he cried because he knew and understood how racism was affecting Maycomb. Like his father, Jem was really hoping for them to find him innocent as he was because that would be the fair outcome of the two possibilities. As mentioned earlier, during the mob scene Jem understood what was happening to Atticus. Atticus was defending Tom Robinson in front of his jail cell in order to keep the mob from hurting him. Scout had no idea why the mob was there and interrupted because she didn’t know they were planning to hurt him. Scout said, “ I was getting a bit tired of that, but felt Jem had his own reasons for doing as he did, in view of his prospects once Atticus did get him home” (Lee 173). Jem knew this though, so his refusal to leave showed maturity and understanding of the society around

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