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How to make a pound cake?

There are some steps to making a pound cake. If you have never made one before it may seem a little difficult but if you have made on or have tried to make one then it will be an easier task for you. Now let’s start making your homemade Pound Cake. The first step to making your pound cake is to cream your four sticks of butter and three cups of sugar together in your mixing bowl until it is white and fluffy. Make sure as your butter and sugar are mixing, that you’re watching it so you can scrape the sides of your bowl down with you spatula so it all will be well combined. The next step to your cake is to check your butter and sugar to make sure it’s white and fluffy. Then, once that’s all done you will measure out two cups of you swan’s cake flour but before you add you flower to your sugar and butter mixture, you need to sift it very to prevent any flour clumps.

Once you have added your flour to your butter and sugar, then you put it back on the mixture to combined all the
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Make sure when you’re adding the batter to the pan, you turn the pan as you go or else you will have an uneven cake. When you have added all of your batter to your pan, you need to give it a few shakes to get rid of any air bubbles in the batter or it will make the cake flat while it’s baking. Now put your cake into the oven and set your timer for one hour and fifteen minutes. Now that your cake is done, you can flip it out onto your cake plate and let it cool, but “do not” put the lid on or the steam from the hot cake will make it chewy.

In conclusion, it is not as hard as some people think it is to make a homemade pound cake from scratch. If you have time in your day when you’re not busy or doing anything, you will not think it’s as hard to make. You just have to put your time, effort, and patients into it in order to accomplish
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