Examples Of Human Errors

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Human error is sometimes described as an incorrect decision, an improperly performed action, or an improper lack of action or inaction. Probably a better way to explain human error is to provide examples from two real marine casualties.
Human error can occur in many forms and can even lead to fatal situations. There have been reports of maritime accidents that have occurred solely due to human errors. From small fires that can lead to big explosions to full on collisions, the scale of accidents that can result from human errors is uncomfortably large. The classic example of this would be the grounding of Torrey Canyon that occurred in broad daylight with seemingly no reason to have met that fate. But it still did so, just because the captain decided to take an unconventional path.
The reason why human errors play such a vital role in marine industry despite of excessive mechanization and technical advancement is that even with everything, marine industry remains a people’s industry. There are machines running on software programmed into a computer but you need a person on that computer to be looking into it. Error on part of that person means the entire chain reaction of
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We should not panic whatever happens. We should know what first thing to do in different situation especially when we encounter heavy weather because it is part of our lives as a seafarer. Before we go on board, we should know what our responsibility is especially if we are one of the officers onboard for us to be prepared anytime when there is some bad situation happens. We should aware on our environment. We should know what to do, which is to call and where to go when there is a tragic situation. We should follow all the rules on board and all the rules that given to us and we should know what safety is. So I realized that there’s one thing we should always put in our mind, the safety of ourselves and always be

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