Examples Of Human Injustice In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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In society today, the phenomenon of corruption is increasing in many countries around the world. They use the power, prestige and public status to take over the material and spiritual values of society or of others. The novel “ Animal Farm” by George Orwell also talk about the corruption by the leader. The author had seen human injustice so he used images of the animal's to express the suffering of people through the novel. There will always be corrupt people in society. Because people will always want power and powerful people will always abuse their power, this transition is seen in the pigs. The pigs has taken advantage of the animals trust to set up the strategy, when the pigs become the leader they’re start corruption and the leader are…show more content…
For example: the first Pigs talk to animals is the human are bad people always beat, kill, and mistreat animals while animals must work hard ( Orwell 4). And people are the enemy of animals so the animals need to stand up against the human. The second when animals were kick people out of the farm, then Pigs was set up seven commandments that was made animals become more trusting about the arrangement ( Orwell 16). Then force animals working hard and build the windmill because pigs want prove for people the diligence of animals. The thirst Pigs take advantage poor memories of the animals to scare animals is people will come back, and Pigs always compare their’s current life better than the past and animals think it’s true because they cannot remember anything. So the example above show Pigs always take advantage animals to get benefits for them, that action is not different the action of the human treat the animals. This is a part of the novel show people do not have a power, they are suffering a lot of exploitation of people have a power. Not only take advantage people have a power they also used power to
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