Examples Of Human Injustice In Frankenstein

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Mary shelly demonstrates that human injustice is caused by fear of what is different, through the novel Frankenstein. This injustice takes the form of unfair treatment. Frankenstein demonstrates how unfair treatment of others is caused by fear of their differences. This is shown by Frankenstein’s abandonment of his creation. Frankenstein abandons his creation because of his fear of its inhumane appearance. This is unfair to the creature because he had nothing to do with how he looked. The abandonment of the creature led to the monster to cause horrible tragedies throughout the story. To begin with, through the whole story Victor is in love with science. He comes to the point where he creates life. He pictured his creature as beautiful but it resulted to be an ugly version of him. Victor decides to abandon the creature. This led to the…show more content…
All the monster wants is to Victor to suffer until his death. The monster little by little causes more and more harm to Victor. First by killing his Younger brother then by killing his best friend and at last by killing the woman he most loved Elizabeth. At last the monster made Victor suffer a little more at last by making Victor to go search for him. This leads to Victor’s death by natural causes and Victor never gets revenge to the monster due to the fact that he did not find him. Moreover, the significance of the search for the work as a whole for the monster, was that because victor abandoned him he became depressed and felt isolated and miserable. So the monster seeked revenge by going on a killing spree. For example, the monster tried to get along with the cottagers but they didn’t accept him due to his appearance. By being rejected into society this makes a person feel left out and not wanted. The effect to this is causing that person to do horrible things like the things the monster did in the story or even causing harm to
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