Essay About Human Wellbeing

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This investigation is on the subject of the differences in human wellbeing between two countries. Human Wellbeing is defined (in this context) as the level of one 's advantage or one ' standard of living, as well as one 's feelings about one 's life. There are consistent differences in human wellbeing between Australia and the Philippines, influenced by various factors including GDP, life expectancy, the annual cost of natural disasters, as well as the police and robberies (per 100,000 people). The two nations being compared are Australia and the Philippines. The Philippines is a country with a large population and a significantly lowered ranking on the UN 's Human Development Reports. With a GDP less than two tenths that of Australia, the Philippines is more likely to have a lower level of human wellbeing. My NGO is Caritas, a catholic charity. The Philippines has a $250.18 billion GDP, a population of 104 million people and an average monthly disposable income (Post tax) of$330.73. One may conclude that due to overcrowding, intense resource competition, and a net lower value, that the average Filipino taxpayer has fewer resources at their disposal than…show more content…
The programs focus on assisting the rural farmers and on relief efforts after natural disasters, making the country more resilient to disasters and climate change. In the Philippines, it seems programs like those run by Caritas are a highly effective factor in increasing the wellbeing and life expectancy of the rural population and in helping combat the effects of the natural disasters that occur in the area. The programs 'Agrarian Justice ' and 'FARMFIRST ' focus on helping the farmers be sustainable and adapted to climate change, while 'Relief and Rehabilitation ' and 'SEARCHDev ' work to minimize the effects of the numerous natural disasters that batter the island nation. Such programs are highly effective when deployed to areas that need them
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