Examples Of Humanism In Grey's Anatomy

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In modern television shows today one can see how many shows have one or more philosophical meaning in the show. Whether is be humanism, dualism, or rationalism one can find them intergraded in by the way the characters think or act. Humanism is when one puts all the importance on a person rather than in a god or a supernatural figure. A humanist is someone who only thinks about themselves and what would be best for them.An example of a television show that has many humanism characteristics in it is Grey’s Anatomy. The show accomplishes this by characters thoughts, actions, and through their desires. Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy was written by Shonda Rhimes in 2005 and is still producing episodes today. Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional soap opera about medical students that turn into residents and later into doctors and their life and the struggles they go through with falling in love with each other and other employees. The way that Grey’s Anatomy shows humanism is, by the way, the characters think, and the actions they use. Every character in this television show thinks in a way that they benefit themselves. No matter what they consequences are or how gets hurt in the process the characters are always going to do what is best for them. An example would be when Derek Shepard, one of the main characters, was having an affair on his wife, Addison Montgomery, with Meredith Grey, another main character. Derek was only use to thinking about himself and what he wanted, he did not take into consideration…show more content…
Throughout the show, one can find many examples of humanism through the way that the characters think and the actions that they make. The people in past generations have given and created many of the philosophical movements that televisions shows have intergraded into them today. If it was not for these movements then television shows would not be as
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