Examples Of Humanism In The Odyssey

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Humanism and Heroism Odysseus showed lots heroism and humanism throughout his dangerous journey. His humanism was shown with encounters that delayed his journey and that endangered it. Also Odysseus showed heroism when he took down dangerous obstacles that took his ca down. Another way his heroism was shown was steering his crew away from danger and back home. Calypso showed lots of affections towards Odysseus and held him as a prisoner. In "Calypso, The Sweet Nymph",Odysseus was in his stone seat to seaward-tear to tear brimming his eyes"(lines 77-79). Odysseus's eyes filled up with tears showing that he had some guilt over leaving calypso, making her lonely again. Not only with calypso, but at the sun gods island, Odysseus told his crew not to touch the cattle no matter what or they would all die before reaching home. Odysseus warns "the cattle here are not for our provision, or we pay dearly for it"(lines855-856). He warns his crew in order to protect them, but the crew members are too greedy to listen to him.…show more content…
Polyphemus was one Odysseus's dangerous obstacles. Odysseus and his crew were trapped in the cave and were experienced an unpleasant stay by Polyphemus.In "The Cyclops" Odysseus grabbed the big hand spike and "rammed it deep in his crater eye",(lines 377-378). His clever idea had gotten his crew out of trouble, but each trouble landed theirselves into more trouble. They then faced the witch Circe who turned his men into pigs. In " The Witch Circe", Odysseus shows heroism when he is given a plant that will weakened Circes power, (book 10). Odysseus's last obstacle was the suitors. It was Odysseus alone, all shipmates were dead and he had made it home landing into more trouble. In "Death At The Palace", Odysseus kills the suitors till the score is paid,(lines

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