Definition Essay: My Sense Of Humor

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Humor is something that is constantly evolving, century to century. When looking at things that society considered hilarious in the 1920’s versus what people of today’s society consider hilarious, the difference is almost insane. A much smaller example of comical evolution is simply looking at what we found funny as a child and comparing that to what we find funny at whatever age we are now. I mean, when I was a little girl I absolutely loved dad jokes. To this day I still enjoy a good cheesy dad joke, but that being said they are no longer something to make laugh so hard I pee my pants. When I was a little girl I practically admired anybody that said a pun, because in my mind whoever could come up with a pun had a special type of brain. In my mind they had a certain type of intelligence that took years to achieve. I mean after all, how else could they come up with such cool plays on words? When I look at my sense of humor now, though I still enjoy a good play on words, my sense of humor is definitely a lot more sexual and even a bit mean sometimes. Looking at a more specific type of humor, I absolutely love jokes that are making someone look dumb. Yes, these kinds of jokes…show more content…
One example is a joke I found online, “One time I called this girl by her name and she started crying, I asked what was wrong and she said that’s what my ex bf used to call me...Bitches are weird.”. Yes, this joke can be considered harmful because it is making fun of the girl that started crying, but how many times have you wanted to tell an overdramatic female something like this? Another example is, “Y’all be letting men that weigh less than 150 hurt your feelings? LMFAOOOOOOOOOO bitch if you don’t punch that nigga in his bird chest”. This is another mean joke yet so funny, even funnier than the first if I may so myself. That being said which joke is better and
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