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Humor is something that is constantly evolving, century to century. When looking at things that society considered hilarious in the 1920’s versus what people of today’s society consider hilarious, the difference is almost insane. A much smaller example of comical evolution is simply looking at what we found funny as a child and comparing that to what we find funny at whatever age we are now. I mean, when I was a little girl I absolutely loved dad jokes. To this day I still enjoy a good cheesy dad joke, but that being said they are no longer something to make laugh so hard I pee my pants. When I was a little girl I practically admired anybody that said a pun, because in my mind whoever could come up with a pun had a special type of brain. In…show more content…
Yes, these kinds of jokes can be mean, but I find them so funny. I think the reason I find these jokes so funny is because society is always telling us to filter what we say and think, these jokes just kind of throw away filter. I am the kind of person that hates being mean to people and I know that I would never say anything to make someone look dumb. I might be a little mean to my best friends, but that’s because they I know I love them. That being said when I find jokes that can be considered a but hurtful I find them hilarious. They are so perfect especially because few people are actually getting…show more content…
I realize that probably sounds confusing, but what I mean is that there is so much truth behind the joke that if there were no comedic techniques it would very well become a hurtful message. There are themes in the joke such as, physical and domestic abuse, that aren’t really taken lightly. It is the techniques being used, like the hyperbole at the end and the absurdity of the violent suggestion that allow for the person hearing the joke to laugh. The situational irony and verbal irony also assist with the level of humor. The first joke about the female crying at the sound of her name is funny, but there aren’t as many factors working for it. The first joke has some verbal irony and understatement, but other than those two techniques there isn’t much there to make it funny. I mean the second joke has so many little things that make it golden, like claiming that the skinny man has a “bird chest”, obviously the person stating that is not being literal since a male cannot have a pigeons rib cage; however, the sarcasm insinuated within that line is part of what makes that joke golden. Overall this category of humor is rich with brilliant verbal sarcasm and is a glorious joke

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