Examples Of Hyperbole In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“But he’s gone and drowned his dinner in syrup.”(Lee 34) Personification “…a poisonous substance she said was so powerful it’d kill us all if we didn’t stand out of the way.”(Lee 56) Hyperbole “The day after Jem’s 12th birthday his money was burning up in his pocket.” (Lee 134) Hyperbole This is a personification because drowning intends that you can breathe. This personification gives the food the human characteristic of drowning. If food was able to drown, the food would have been able to breathe before the syrup had been put on it. Walter Cunningham does not have the luxury of syrup at home so he wants to eat it …show more content…

Reynolds had made a tent-like arrangement over Jem’s arm.”(Lee 372) Simile Smoke in a closed room stays in the room. It cannot escape. It just stays there until someone opens it up and lets it air out. This simile means that Scout had needed to talk to someone about what happened over the summer. She wanted all of her thoughts to be out in the opens. Scout had wanted everyone to know what happened over the summer. Cats are always chasing their tails. Chasing their tails lead to little to no success. They are just going after themselves at no end. So following your feelings sometimes makes you feel better but most of the time it results in nothing. Once you get to the point of success where you finally “catch the tail” or follow our feelings and get a result we never really get anything out of it. Once you come to a solution you are really just humoring yourself. There is no real thing to follow but yourself. Shooting a mockingbird means to destroy innocence. Shooting it will most likely kill it or injure it. Boo Radley is the mockingbird in this scenario. By telling everyone what Boo Radley did would take his innocence away because he really didn’t do anything. He was just trying to save Jem and Scout and didn’t really mean to hurt or kill anybody. He just wanted to prevent Jem and Scout not to be injured any

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