Examples Of Hypocrisy In Catcher In The Rye

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Holden often carries hypocrisy because he exposes the weakness of others but doesn't pay attention to his own weakness. In J.D Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, we can see Holden Caulfield show the weakness of others but he never seems to recognize the weakness that he has throughout the story nor the depression that he has he talked about it but he never fully recognizes it. With other characters like Ackley, Stadler, Mr, Spencer Ect. we can see Holden find the weakness of these characters saying that they are hypocrites but he never seems to comprehend how much of a hypocrite is. Through the whole story, we can see him act like a prophet or a saint as he depicts himself like he sees the wicked in the people around him. He never really takes responsibility for any actions he does in the story he mostly talks about other people around him and his sins and the wickedness that they have but failed to see that he is a depressed teenager who is in a void that doesn't want to grow up but at the same time wants to be an adult. A person who falls victim to…show more content…
“He always picked up your personal stuff and looked at it. Boy, could he get on your nerves sometimes.” (15). He says that Ackley always comes in any just touches Holden's personal stuff but later we see Holden "Ackley?" I said. "Y'awake?" "Yeah." It was pretty dark, and I stepped on somebody's shoe on the floor and damn near fell on my head.” (25). On that page we could see Holden just go into Ackley and Ely’s room without asking all he said was are you awake. Then form page (25) to (26) we can observe Holden provide to bother Ackley even though he has "How 'bout turning off the goddam light? I gotta get up for Mass in the morning." (27) He bothers Ackley even though he has Mass in the morning. Holden failed to realize that he was doing the exact same thing that Ackley does to annoy
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