Examples Of Hypocrisy In Huck Finn

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Actions of the judge early in the novel blatantly show prominent hypocrisy. Huck’s father is an uneducated alcoholic, who abuses his son frequently. Pap does not appear in Huck’s life again until he discovers news of Huck’s newfound fortune, exhibiting the irony of only showing up in his child’s life when the kid has something he wants, which is the reverse ideal of a father. “‘That’s why I come. You git me that money to-morrow - I want it,’” (30) explains patently that he is an inadequate father, from his poor morals. In addition, Pap’s inclination of Huck’s education is opposite of it should be. Little education keeps his son from being able to do better than he can, the motto of nearly all parents. On top of that, he has taken advantage
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