Examples Of Hypocrisy In American Politics

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Hypocrisy in United States Politics Many people across the nation are aware of hypocrisy in United States politics. However, many are not aware of how prominent and omnipresent this concept is. As history occurs, hypocrisy becomes more of a staple in American politics. From past to present, many political leaders have taken a part in portraying hypocrisy greater than ever before. Several highly respected individuals such as Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump are just a few of the best examples of hypo critics in recent American politics. Barack Obama expressed the ideas of hypocrisy when dealing with the Yemen and the Wall Street Bankers incidents. Senator Hillary Clinton also portrayed this characteristic when uncovering the sending…show more content…
Hillary Clinton mocked, then candidate, Donald Trump for his ideas of sending tomahawk missiles to Yemen, but often recommended and encouraged the idea of sending 40,000 United States troops to Afghanistan. Mrs. Clinton had opposed the idea of sending missiles into Yemen, but rather jumped at the idea of sending troops overseas. Not only did Hillary Clinton portray hypocrisy in an attempt to endanger the lives of American soldiers, she also acted fraudulently when dealing with her election campaign funds. Within an eighteen-month period before the election, Mrs. Clinton started an organization to help raise funds for her charities, but then used it for other bills, such as her campaign fund. She promised the people of America that their money would go to programs that had been outlined specifically, but the money went elsewhere when Clinton took back her word. Although Hillary Clinton made multiple empty statements during her presidential campaign, she did not have as large of an impact as Donald…show more content…
Obama had displayed hypocrisy during his presidency, when he had sent bombs overseas and after, when he insulted the nation’s wealthiest people, only to become one. Another example was that of Hillary Clinton offering to send troops to places she previously did not mention and using charity funds to fuel her campaign. In addition to her, Donald Trump had made an election promise to build a wall but has never gotten a plan to do so. Also, he launched missiles overseas, even when he had previously said he would boycott that method. These are just a few of the reasons former President Barack Obama, Former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and Current President Donald Trump are all prime examples of this generations political leaders and their stances on hypocrisy. Hypocrisy may not be a well desired trait, but most leaders have a considerable amount of it within

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