Examples Of Hypocrisy In Tartuffe

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Throughout Molière’s ‘Tartuffe” the true intentions of multiple characters are consistently questioned. Different characters involve themselves in self-made delusions for specific reasons, causing the label of ‘hypocrite’ to become a significantly used word. This use of the word ‘hypocrite’ throws everything off balance, forcing the audience to question every statement/event deciding whether or not they are truly sincere. Moliere’s use of hypocrisy when describing Tartuffe brings immediate awareness to the text involving central theme of reason verses emotion, deciding whether or not a characters actions were based on their pure heart or their greed.
Right from the beginning Dorine brings to attention that she views Tartuffe as a hypocrite. …show more content…

If the reader were to focus solely on hypocrisy involving Tartuffe they would most likely risk missing the effects of his behavior on others. Madame Pernelle, for instance, is one of Tartuffe’s biggest supporters; she defends his name and consistently reassures others that he is the holy man he appears to be. “ May God have mercy on me. You’re all blind. A nobler, kinder man you’ll ever find.” (Act 1, Line 71-72) However, while defending Tartuffe and preaching Christian charity her actions involving striking her maid do not correspond with her claims. Another character that shows this type of hypocrisy would be Elmire. Throughout Act 3 she is aware of the delusion that Tartuffe is hiding behind and attempts to prove to Orgon his hypocritical ways. “ I am quite certain I can find a way to show you in the fullest light of day.” (Act 3, Line 74-75) However, in order to do this she deceives Tartuffe and creates this elaborate story between them encouraging a forbidden sexual interaction. “ You see, I’m going to have a conversation I’d never have-just an illustration of how this hypocrite behaved with me. So don’t be scandalized. I must be free to flirt.” (Act 4, Line 10-14) Although her intentions are honorable, she is still giving into the delusion that Tartuffe has created. By creating her very own delusion is she becoming a hypocrite

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