Examples Of Idealism In Anne Frank

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Idealism brings necessary joy to the world. In the diary of Anne Frank, written by Anne Frank, Anne is an idealist that conquers the unpleasant living quarters, that being a Jew brought. In the play, Man of La Mancha, written by Dale Wasserman, Don Quixote is an idealist that stands out in his realist village, for using idealist methods. In the film, Life Is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni, Guido is an idealist that preserves the innocence of his young boy, Joshua.
In The Diary Of a Young Girl, written by Anne, she shows many examples of idealism. In a number of cases, Anne's young soul leads her to see the idealist point of view. One example of Anne seeing in an idealist view is during her first March in the Annex. Anne wrote
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ALDONZA: What does?
DON QUIXOTE: Only that I follow the quest”(49).
Don Quixote shows Aldonza that winning and losing do not matter in life, all that matters is that one follows their dreams. Quixote benefits Aldonza’s life by telling her that as long as she tries her best, she should be happy. To realists, winning is good and losing is bad. So when Aldonza is convinced that the woman leaving him was bad, he shows her that there is more than winning and losing and that there is something that you can get from losing, positively. Much idealism is portrayed over the character, Don Quixote, while he is on his journey.
In the film, Life is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni, Guido is an idealist that brings happiness in very sad times. To begin, Guido uses his prompt idealistic views to up a convenient white lie. When Guido and his son are closing their Jewish bookstore, Joshua notices something and asks his dad,
“Joshua: “No Jews or Dogs Allowed.” Why do all the shops say, “No Jews or Dogs Allowed”?
Guido: Oh, that. “Not Allowed” signs are the latest trend! The other day, I was in a shop with my friend the kangaroo, but their sign said, “No Kangaroos Allowed,” and I said to my friend, “Well, what can I do? They don’t allow
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