Examples Of Ideology In Social Work

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A) Values and ideology: Describe the values of social work and ideology that you think are most important to your future practice and why you have selected them? The values and ideologies that are most important to my future practice include respect for the inherent dignity and worth of persons, service to humanity and competence in professional practice. First, my value of providing respect for the inherent dignity and worth of persons is important to me and my future practice because it allows me to see the uniqueness in all my clients and subsequent cases. Moreover, it further guides me to allow my clients to be self-determined individuals. Correspondingly, it will guide me to provide my clients with the ability to make informed consent. Additionally, this value is important to my future practice because it ensures that I become an advocate for my clients in every capacity, including human rights. Lastly, as a social worker, I will ensure that I work towards my clients being free from violence and the threat of violence (Heinonen & Spearman, 2010, p. 34). Secondly, as a social worker it is necessary that my practice is guided by my value of providing a service to humanity. Therefore, this will allow me to put my interests aside and place the needs of others above when working in a professional capacity. This value will guide me to use my professional voice to promote the well-being of my clients. Moreover, this will extend to promoting personal development in

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