Examples Of Igbo Culture In Things Fall Apart

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Representation of Igbo Culture in Things Fall Apart

The word culture means people's life style and the way they perform certain things. Various groups of people can have various cultures. Culture is transferred to the next generation by the process of learning whereas biological characteristics are passed on by heredity. In a specific society, every culture is a combination of positive and negative elements. In which way these contrary aspects of Igbo culture have been presented by Achebe in his novel "Things Fall Apart?"

Before, answering this, what are some essentials of Igbo culture which have been mentioned in this novel?


Unlike English, lgbo language is based off of vocal pitches and inflections of sound. This means that the
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The women wear dresses and a hair tied. Every human society is necessarily a combination of the individuals. The beliefs, faith and perspectives of individuals represents the beliefs, faith and perspectives of their respective societies. Achebe's “Things Fall Apart” is an embodiment of good and evil aspects of society, in addition to this, it depicts that how a culture can come across to disintegration if the clash occurs between these these two opposite poles. Achebe has portrayed Igbo culture in very realistic way. Though the country has not been mentioned, we know about the setting that it occurs in Nigeria, where the indigenous are still continuing with things which in the eyes of the whites are nothing but savage and…show more content…
Missionaries were sent by the white people to preach a religion, which was thought necessary to be spread among locals as it was such a religion, thought by white men, which could encourage peace. If they can change the fundamental beliefs of the tribe, then they can control the natives easily. (Things Fall Apart Ch#16) Missionaries came out with an idea of betterment of local people; they wanted colonised to give up their religion where superstition and prophecies were the way of life. They preached to the natives, the concepts of Christianity, and also how they could become civilized people by embracing this religion. The “whites” condemned brutal practices such as the slaying of twins, exploitation of women, polygamy, oracles, superstitious beliefs, and indiscriminately waging war upon other villages. According to the “whites” the Igbo society was an example of animism and the fetish of the pagan, without any ethics or code of

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