Examples Of Ignorance In Brave New World

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Ignorance is the doom of our world. “Brave New World” Albert Einstein once stated, “All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual,” but what were the valuable things he was referring to? In a society people need to be able to grow and prosper. To do this they need to be educated in science, religion, history, and literature. If these things are not taught in a society then that society is doomed to repeat the past. Also if humans are ignorant in these fields of subject then they are slaves to society. To grow and prosper they need to know where they came from, be educated, and know how the world works. In brave new world the world state community is very ignorant to their surroundings.…show more content…
They are creating,” ninety- six identical twin working ninety six identical machines!” (Pg7) This means everyone will look alike to do the same thing. There is no diversity; robots are what they are creating. The one upside to this is there will be nobody to make fun of every one looks alike how can there be anything to make fun of. “If we could bokanovskify indefinitely the whole problem would be solved.” (Pg7) If there is no diversity how can people change? When the people in this society leave no chance for change they stop all chance of growth. The reason for this is because when they genetically engineered these embryos they cut out all chance for mutations, although; they are taking away diseases and bad things. This means there that people will eventually die off if they don’t change because of natural selection. With these people doing this they are toying with nature. They decided, “to abolish the love of nature” so they could have a more stabile community in some people’s eyes what they are doing is “playing god.” Some things can be useful though such as giving babies a better chance to live by taking away diseases, and other harmful
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