Examples Of Ignorance In The Crucible

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Valeria Santoyo
Jan - 2023
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Conscious Avoidance in A Society Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” is a concrete example of characters not being able to see their faults because they have been blinded to the truth. “The Crucible” is a story that takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 during the notorious Salem Witch Trials. Throughout the story, Miller captures the trials and tribulations that the characters go through including a witch trial that sends these characters through continuous loop holes. The characters start to doubt everything and end up not being able to face the truth. This story illustrates the real life repercussions of a society being so drawn away from the real events they face because of the characters …show more content…

Williams had an eventful and impactful part in these trials. Arthur Miller commenced Abigail's story by revealing her and John Proctor’s affair. This affair ultimately killed John. In Act One when John and Abigail speak privately, John states “Abby, I never give you hope to wait for me” (Miller 22). Their affair happened seven months prior to the trials but Williams continues to seek more in their relationship. John also declares “I may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I ever reach for you ever again!” (Miller 24). John has clearly stated multiple times that he has no attentiveness towards Abigail; she insists that there must be more between them. Throughout the book, John never once confessed his feelings for Abigail so this was a deep betrayal for her. Therefore, Abigail turned on John and she made him choose between his own integrity or his life. This course of action led to John being hung and the man that Abigail once “loved” was now dead. A comparable piece of literature also has this underlying pattern with Blindness to the truth. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s …show more content…

Parris is bound to his own greed for power that he dismisses his daughter, Betty’s, well being to avoid the criticism of the town. He is so blinded and most of his actions are for personal gain and in ways to benefit him. For instance, when Parris was in court during John and Elizabeth’s depositions. Parris claims “This is a clear attack on the court!” (Miller 107). This part of the play determines that Parris would do anything to save his own reputation no matter what it takes or what the risks may be considering that he is lying even though he knows the truth. Gustave Le Bon correlates to Parris’s thinking because Le Bon speaks a lot about crowds and when you try to join a crowd there is a physiological alteration that makes you want to become liked and feel included in a certain group. Parris is determined to be liked and loved by everyone that he’s willing to risk his own friends and daughter's life. Le Bon concluded “The majority of men, especially among the masses, do not possess clear and reasoned ideas on any subject whatever outside their own specialty. The leader serves them as a guide.” (Le Bon 69). Continually in the play, Parris wanted to pertain as the leader like Le Bon stated and he was willing to lose track of the truth for

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