Examples Of Illusions In The Tempest

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Illusions are something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality or it is something that seems one way that is actually something different in reality. You see many illusions every day, but they can be of value or are a detriment in life. It all depends on the way that you see them to know if they are good or bad to you. I believe that they are of value. I believe that it is a value because we get more good or happy memories from them than we do bad or sad memories . For example Santa Clause. When we were little, we would always make cookies and spend time with our family as we are making the for Santa. As we get older we realize that he isn’t, but we realize how happy it made us to have something to believe in for Christmas. When we were little we…show more content…
It started out as just a “spell casted on them both by Prospero.” The spell caused them both to love each other. They then had the spell lifted off of them and got married to each other before they left the island to go back to Milan. They didn’t know that they had a spell casted on them. For all they knew, they were head over heels for each other.
As another example from “ The Tempest”, when ‘Ferdinand thinks Alonso is dead’’, and Alonso thinks Ferdinan’’d is dead. Ferdinand believes that his father is dead, but Alonso is right under his nose. They are on the same island but Ferdinand thinks Alonso is dead. As is the same with Alonso about Ferdinand. Alonso believes that Ferdinand drowned, but ,like Alonso was with Ferdinand, Ferdinand was right under Alonso’s nose. They are so close, yet so far. They have no idea that they both are , not only living, but are living on the same island.
I believe that illusions of value. Although illusions in life can be a detriment, they are also of value. It all depends on the situation, but it may be a bad situation, but it will be a good time for an illusion in
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