Examples Of Imagery In Catcher In The Rye

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Imagery in Catcher in the Rye In the novel by J.D. Salingher, The Catcher in the Rye, there are many examples of imagery. Imagery adds to the effect the reader feels while reading the novel: “Imagery is descriptive language to produce mental images. Using imagery is one of the best tools an author can use to engage readers in stories.” (enotes) Holden’s impressions about Stradlater’s walk, the prostitute he hires, and the stage show at Radio City create powerful imagery. While Stradlater goes out on a date with Jane, Holden waits for Stradlater at the dorm. Holden knows when Stradlater is home before Stradlater even walks through the door: “Anyway, the corridor was all linoleum and all, and you could hear his goddam footsteps coming right towards the room.” (40) Holden gives a detailed description of the hallway and Stradlater’s footsteps so the reader can experience a similar uncomfortable sensation. Holden is afraid to grow up, and does not want to face the reality of adulthood: “Holden’s inability to save Allie from death fuels his desire to rescue innocence from anything that threatens it, including the corruptions of adult sexuality and money.” (Austin Allen) He wants to experience sex;…show more content…
She had on a green dress underneath. Then she sort of sat down sideways on the chair that went with the desk in the room and started jiggling her foot up and down. (94) Holden’s description of the prostitute allows the reader to feel the uncomfortable feeling of both Holden and the prostitute. In New York, Holden makes plans to meet up with an old friend; however, Holden has some time to spare before he has to meet with his friend. He decides to go to the movies at Radio City: The Rockettes were kicking their heads off, the way they do when they’re all in line with their arms around each other’s waist.…and some guy behind me kept saying to his wife, “You know what that is? That’s
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