Examples Of Immorality In The Great Gatsby

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Characters throughout The Great Gatsby present themselves with mysterious and questionable morals. Affairs, dishonest morals, criminal professions, weak boundaries and hypocritical views are all examples of immorality portrayed in The Great Gatsby. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, lies and mischief fill the lives of many and significantly damage numerous relationships.

First, Jay Gatsby's whole life is consumed into a massive lie. His personality traits set him apart from others and the attention he accumulates motivates him to falsely portray his life. "Under the circumstances Nick hardly expects any section of Gatsby's fabulous story to be true..." (Donaldson 161). Gatsby manipulates Nick throughout the novel, causing
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Nick and Daisy experienced a closeness when they were reunited with each other, but people change and choices in their pasts were uncovered and led Daisy to abandon a true friend. After losing Daisy in a miserable situation he also lost Jordan due to nearly the same issues. Jordan did not see Nick for who he truly was anymore and when she decided to give up on their relationship she did so and never looked back. “...Nick declares that after returning from the East he "wanted the world to be in uniform and at a sort of moral attention forever", he connects the war with cynical, guilty, disapproval of the New York...”(Lathbury 70). Nick lost who he truly was and his relationships with others caused an emotional drainage that he could not bare. He was an honorable individual but dishonesty filled his life and determined the outcome of his cherished…show more content…
If his mind is not occupied by his mistress Myrtle, he is drowning in thoughts of Gatsby’s suspected crime-filled life. “Indeed, Tom Buchanan's sources appear most reliable in his characterization of Gatsby's drug store chain as ‘just small change’ compared to his stolen bonds” (Pauly 116). Buchanan is a hypocrite towards Gatsby. He denounces Gatsby’s life actions as being morally evil but Tom’s actions are no different than Gatsby’s in the sense that both men are unfaithful to themselves and their nearest relationships. Tom is competing with Gatsby through deception and treachery, and their dangerous habits wound them
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