Examples Of Impulsiveness In Hamlet

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The first instance Hamlet acts impulsive is in Act 3, scene 4. Hamlet heard a noise from behind his mother's curtains, and assumed that Claudius was hiding and listening in on their conversation. The King is usually the only one allowed in the Queen's bedroom, therefore the intruder would have most likely been Claudius. He also figured that this would be a convenient opportunity to kill Claudius because he wasn't sure when he would be able to do it. He could just do it without thinking, and be done with the whole situation. This shows how instinctive he is because he doesn't even check to see who it is behind the curtain. Resulting in him stabbing Polonius rashly. Even though this murder was more of an accident Hamlet did not show any real type of sympathy towards the situation. Hamlet owned up to what had happened with little to no shame. All his anger and hostility came rushing out and he couldn't control himself.…show more content…
He doesn't even consider his friends’ suggestions or pay them any attention. Hamlet draws a sword on his friends forcing them to let him go and follows the mysterious ghost into the forest without any contemplation. Hamlet is basically thinking to himself “what is there to lose?” He doesn't find much value in his life. This is known because of how many times he contemplates life or death in the story. With that being said he doesn't really recognize the risk involved with following the ghost resembling his father. Whether this ghost is good or bad he is just curious to see what its appearance means. He wants to know the truth about his father, which took over his mind instead of thinking about how this could be a poor decision on his
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