Examples Of Indecision In Hamlet

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In William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Hamlet, Shakespeare recounts the story of a prince who is given the task to avenge the death of his father.

The play is centered around Hamlet, a student whose studies are interrupted by his father’s death. After returning to the kingdom, Hamlet encounters a ghost claiming to bear the soul of his father. Upon this confrontation, Hamlet is faced with evidence that his uncle, Claudius, murdered his father, Hamlet I. As a result, Hamlet strategizes to perform revenge on Claudius for his malefaction.

Hamlet, the main protagonist, displays a multitude of dynamic traits that emerge as the play develops. In the tragedy that follows, Hamlet is recognized for being indecisive and is often drawn to difficult questions that cannot be answered with any certainty.

The build up of Hamlet’s indecisions begin to become apparent when he questions whether the unknown beyond of death is easier to bear than life. Hamlet’s thoughts of contemplation is shown when he uncovers the internal struggles of life and death. Unable to accept the separation from his father, Hamlet feels deep pain and sorrow. In the process, he becomes overwhelmed by the grim events, and begins to question whether “to be or not to be.” (Act 2) Contemplating suicide, he questions himself philosophically if it is justified to live
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Without sufficient evidence of the murder, he grows uncertain to the outcomes that killing Claudius would entail. Hamlet sees death as an empowering act to which killing Claudius is a way of taking action, taking up arms, opposing and defeating the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” (Act 2) He wonders whether he should endure the hardships of the situation he is in, or take aggressive action to combat the problems. The decision Hamlet chooses will determine whether Hamlet will commit to avenging his
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