Examples Of Indigenous Epistemology

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What is Australian Indigenous epistemology according to indigenous academic?

Australia is a multicultural and diverse country with the input of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other Australian people. The Indigenous Australians, or Aborigines, are the original inhabitants of Australia who have their own cultures, customs, beliefs, knowledge and languages. The Indigenous people are the early settler of Australia, and they have distinctive perspectives on worldview, beliefs, tensions, celebrations compare with non-indigenous people. As knowledge is the factor of production in its right, and invaluable, the socio-economic development of the organisation or society depends on their knowledge. Knowledge is a type of true belief,
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Additionally, it is ready to broad and condense with the set of social, political, chronicled and spatial measurements of the human world and the combination of contexts and processes (Martin & Mirraboopa, 2003). The motivation behind knowing is to apply it in specific settings as opposed to getting information. Honestly, nobody can know everything all together, except they identify and find the information in keeping with their particular parts in the gathering. For example, the adults need to introduce the history of the country and their society to the next generation, particularly that of women towards children. Moreover, they need to enhance their capacity and expanding their relation because knowledge have been varying and unique to be operated for the group purpose (Martin & Mirraboopa,…show more content…
Ways of being can be seen not only in their everyday life such as languages, art, technology, traditions and ceremonies but also land management practices, social organisation and social control. Their ways of doing are the showcase of their ways of knowing and beings. They sustained their environments as they depend on each other (Martin & Mirraboopa,2003). They proved that their world is ultimate by doing their experiences, realities and understanding. There are numerous progressions in memorable, politic and social through step by step. However, the Indigenous people still take after and regard the substance of their common methods for doing and keep their way of life of concurrence of elements (Martin & Mirraboopa,
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