Examples Of Individualism In George Orwell's '1984'

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George Orwell, the author of 1984, emphasizes his aversion towards totalitarian states throughout the novel. While Orwell develops a dystopia where freedom and individualism are nonexistent, he also displays a deep-seated sense of skepticism about the ability for the individual heart-its spirit of love and freedom-to survive against tyrannical inculcation. Strong leadership usually govern us to better things, but in 1984, Orwell illustrates how the power given to the government leads to corruption: Winston-the main character of 1984- notices this corruption. To seek complete control over the people, the party not only implemented physical restriction, but also mental restrictions also. Because of the deterrence promoted by the government, the…show more content…
They were both rebels, but rebels with different causes. Winston developed suspicions, but Julia’s suspicions lingered longer than Winston’s has. Julia knows her way around better. Julia and Winston both know where the cameras are, but unlike Winston Julia takes them seriously, and realizes that there could be more cameras. Winston wants to know more about the past, than Julia. He finds a "paper weight" which he wants to know more about. Julia looks at it as if it is a remarkable finding, but that is as far as she goes. She does not ask Winston about the history of it or where he found it. As stated before, Julia and Winston are both against the party ,but Julia and Winston think of the party in different ways. Julia only really hates the party when it involves her personally, while Winston hates the party because of what it stands for. Julia does not care about the past and who will be reading the books and magazines. Winston is the one who wants the past to be true and be correct, he wants to know how it all started. Julia 's personality and thought process is different from Winston, Julia is more up beat like a 20 year old should be she is not worried about the future or death, when that’s all Winston thinks about. The only thing that Julia and Winston have in common is the feeling of rebellion against the party and even that is different. While Winston does not agree with everything

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