Examples Of Individualism In Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron is a novel where the author is expressing what he thinks society is leading to and what the problems are. Harrison Bergeron is the main character and his points of view and thinking matters are interesting to investigate. This author made everyone the same. Societies are pressuring people to become the same and making people think that if they don 't look or act some sort of way, they don 't matter or serve to our world, causing many people to go to certain limits and even causing suicide as a solution. In the story, everyone thinks the same, everyone walks the same, hears the same. This government made everyone became handicapped so that everyone is the same and equal and no one is better than the others. Vonnegut’s view on equality is very judgemental and selective. Society these days, pressures…show more content…
Hazel said to George, “ Take the handicapped off, it 's only here so that you can relax.” George said, “If that how it was, we 're all going back to judging and comparing.” Vonnegut’s thoughts on individualism are that being individual and acting a way that is unique doesn 't fit into our society and won 't be accepted. In the story, a “rebel” decided to take of his handicapped, and to become different and be free in how he is but he was brought down and shot dead by a officer. In my view, that officer was representing society and he did not accept change. Being different is wrong, everyone has to be the same, act the same, look the same etc. The whole point of this book, is because people are different. This story reflects views on how being different is not the correct way to be living. Harrison Bergeron said as he took off all his handicapped “Now watch me be different!” Once he took off his handicapped things, he was shot down by a officer, because he wanted to be
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