Examples Of Individualism In Mexico

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The country that I have chosen to write about is Mexico. Mexico is highly traditional and emphasizes family living. As I explored the Mexican culture I have determined that Mexico’s culture is made up most of collectivism. Mexican’s due value individualism. They create a close bond which they use to accomplish goals, however, the Mexican culture is more group involved thinking. For example, the Mexican people are a strong group of people who center their lives more around family rather than being an individual. Major decisions are made by the elders of a particular family such as grandfathers or father. However, sometimes the elders will seek the opinions of others to obtain the best possible response. Mexican people often tend to share the same career, and hobbies with their immediate family and friends. In my community, we have a large group of condominiums. These condos are all occupied by Hispanic people who have come to the city to flourish. Often times while on patrol I will stop in and speak with some of the groups that stand out. According to these groups the majority of them work, reside, and coincide together, however, they do try to maintain a certain sense of individualism. I believe the Mexican culture is primarily hierarchical which means there is a leader or leaders within their group. I have learned that the male or father figure is primarily the family’s leader. In fact, some Spanish cultures find it offensive for anyone to talk
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