Examples Of Individuality In Pleasantville

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When an individual hankers for conformity to societal expectations, they question their characteristics with fear of judgment. Often an individual to societal standards will stifle creativity and individuality to pursue personal desires. The dominance of conformity with leave that person unsatisfied and hinder a meaningful life. The individual will face challenges to successfully achieving their desire and year for individuality, however, once they come to the realization, they realize the essential part of their life comes from those desires. This is visible in the film Pleasantville where two high school siblings are put into the utopian society where everything remains pleasant and individuals lack a creative lifestyle. Gary Ross uses many features to reveal the harmful and toxic destruction of a conforming society. In Pleasantville, the audience is exposed to an alternate reality of the mid-1900’s, where patriarchal hierarchy is visible. In the film Pleasantville, director Gary Ross illustrates that when an individual comes to term with their identity, ones initial desire to conform dissipates, with expulsion from society, leading them to acknowledge their characteristics. Gary Ross establishes the perspective that love and passion will generate life as an amalgamation of creativity and a realization of external lifestyles. The desire of knowledge derives an individual to question their contemporary way of life. This causes a repressed
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