Examples Of Indoctrination In The Book Thief

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Book Thief Essay Through the use of indoctrination, one can make people believe that one race is better than another or that an extremely wretched life is paradise. The previous statement inspired by Adolf Hitler is an essential aspect in the novel The Book Thief. In the novel, by Markus Zusak there are several significant moments that protrude to let the reader concentrate on the overall motif of indoctrination. The essential aspect of indoctrination is portrayed through censorship, coercion, and discrimination of religion and ethnicity. Amid the other two forms of indoctrination, censorship is constantly brought up throughout The Book Thief in a variety of ways. One of the most popular forms of censorship is “...we also stop our enemies once again. We stop them reaching into our minds...We put an end to the disease...The immoral!...the Jews!...And now we say goodbye to this trash, this poison” (110-111). In this scene, the Nazis in Molching have united the young Germans for a ‘bonfire’, when in reality it is a book burning to try and make sure that the youth do not gain ideas or knowledge from or about Jews. The result and reason for the book burning was to block the information about Jewish cultures and religions for the purpose that Hitler did not approve of the Jewish people and wanted other Germans to dislike them as well. This is a form of indoctrination in the sense that the youth are being taught how the Jews and everything pertaining to them is poisonous and

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