Examples Of Inequality In Africa

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The Inequality in Africa
By: Nicolas Oka
August 29, 2014
English 8B

Back in the old days, inequality was a serious problem with the Africans because as the Europeans had discovered and colonized Africa, they start to destroy and persecute in Africa. Thousands of Africans had lost their lives because they have worked very hard but got no profit. And as the Europeans grew bigger, the Africans grew smaller. The Europeans had plenty of resources, had invested tons of money, and had the capability to rule Africa. While, the Africans had no money, lack resources, and finally lost their power over their own country. And since the Europeans had controlled Africa, they commenced to roam it like it was their
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Discrimination is similar or related to racism, but it’s stricter. An example is when the Europeans divided the Africans into different categories or level. The Europeans had put themselves into the highest class like the superiors while they had classified Africa as the lowest class regarded to savages. There are many examples taken from the story “Journey to Jo’Burg” first example were when two kid’s named Naledi and Tiro were on a journey to find their mother in the city. They entered a bus that surprisingly was only for white people. And soon they were helped by Grace to find their mom by going to and with the bus for black people. This is an example of discrimination because the White Government had made laws to separate black and white people in order they don’t get mixed up and also to show that they were different classes. Similar to the bus problem, another example is school. School is related to discrimination because the White Government had split the Africans from the Europeans. This basically resembles about the classes of the Africans and the Europeans. Africans are the lowest class while the Europeans are the highest…show more content…
Basically inequality is the opposite meaning of equality and an example of it is that there is inequality between developed and undeveloped countries. Let’s start with the Europeans and Africans. Europeans at that time were very high on economics, education, and culture and because of this condition; they were able to conquer Africa and teaching them about their knowledge. And another effect due to this situation is that the Africans begin to change and their culture had been replaced, also their education and economics had increased. But what’s not equal about this is that the way of the African life has changed and since they are not too well about the Europeans way, the Africans had a hard time to adapt. What causes the Europeans to be so powerful upon the African? Well it’s simple they have advanced technology and also have superior militaries and the result of this was that the Europeans could conquer any country that has low
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