Examples Of Informative Speech Outline

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Informative Speech outline The purpose of the informative speech is to demonstrate good communication skills and work on ways to perfect it. Getting feedback after my speech from my audience or classmates is critical when it comes to making improvements on my speeches. In addition to getting feedback from my audience, my audience will also inform me about positive parts about my speed that they felt was good. However being that this is my first informative speech, there were areas where I was strong when it came to my speech and as well as weak points that I need in order to improve my future speeches. As an overview of my speech, I felt more prepared as well as confident when it came to my presentation. Oppose to conducting my speeches on Tuesday, having more time when I came to writing formatting and rehearsing (I felt) really played off. The reason I say this is whenever I would get my next prompt for my speeches I would find at time that I didn’t have enough time to write and prepare for my speech. As a result of not having enough time, it would show or reflect negatively during my speeches. I spent a decent amount of time when it came to producing my speech. I would sit several times a day (with Cassie). After rehearsal, I felt that I needed to use some of the techniques that I had learned in class and make…show more content…
I have learned a lot from my informative speech such as the background and history of antibiotics. I will continue to make an effort in doing my best as well find ways of making my speeches fun for me and my audience. I didn’t mention this in my essay but I could have used more eye contract. In addition to needing more eye contact, I should have use more hand gestures and I would try next time to incorporate it in my next time I do my speech. Moreover, I did have some clutter not as much as last time but it is getting better. As for my informative speech I felt I did
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