Examples Of Inhumane In Frankenstein

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Humans are complex creatures that can be defined by the unique characteristics that they possess. When analyzing the differences between humans and other species, it is important to take into context the non biological differences. The mental capacity of humans affects how they are able to function in the world and creates a mental barrier between them and other earthly creatures. In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley highlights some of the defining characteristics of humans. Shelley displays an artificial creature that is inhumane in many aspects, but over time showcases human like characteristics. Various scenes within the novel display instances in which different characters behave in inhumane and humane ways, despite their genetic wiring. Being human can be described as being able to express heightened levels of compassion, recognize potential and seek emotional, interpersonal interaction. The ability to express feelings of sympathy and empathy is a uniquely human characteristic. Humans have the ability to react to the events around them. Over time, humans have developed social emotions, which are based on…show more content…
He is unable to understand how a being like him is supposed to adapt to the closed minded community that is around him. The creature, however, is able to recognize his full potential after gaining more knowledge about the world. After reading a book called the Ruins of Empires, the creature learns more about the manner of man. He becomes disgusted by his readings and feels that the, “increase of knowledge only discovered to me more clearly what a wretched outcast I was” ( Shelley 88). The creature realizes that he will never fit in with the norms of society. He believes that he does not possess any potential to assimilate to the society around him and that a life of solitude is his destiny because his appearance prevents him from being
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