Examples Of Injustice By Glaucon

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Glaucon claims that the sole reason one would pursue justice is if he or she is willed into in by his or her lack of power. P1- Some people lack the power to do injustice while others have the power to do injustice (Group 3 & Collaboration, P1-P2). P2- Both just and unjust people would do injustice if they have the power to do so (Group 3 & Collaboration, P3). C1- One will do justice only when he or she lacks the power to do injustice (Group 3 & Collaboration, C1). C2- Those with the power will choose injustice unless compelled by justice (Group 3 & Collaboration, C2). C3- One will never do justice willingly but only when compelled to do so (Republic II, 360c, l. 5). Glaucon argues that it is natural for humans to want to do injustice, while barbaric to suffer it (Republic II, 358e, l. 3). He means it is human nature to take the shortest route in the path to good fortune, regardless of fairness, supporting the claim as “the desire to outdo others” (359c, l. 5). In his view, laws were made to enact a stasis between desires for injustice and fear of revenge (359a, ll. 6-7). Consequentially, some do not have the will to dismiss those laws and instead do as…show more content…
The power corrupts any true justice in one’s soul, supporting the view that acquiring worldly pleasures through injustice is favorable and more profitable to men, than toiling and acquiring them through just means (Republic II, 360c, l. 8). Throughout his life, Gyges earned his wages through just service to the king. However, upon discovering the unquestionable power of the ring, he overthrew the system of justice that was meant to enforce fairness, by murdering the king and stealing the throne for himself (360b, ll. 1-2). Glaucon also states that having such power will corrupt one, turning any honest man into a thief and fueling the man’s own greed (360b, ll.
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