Examples Of Injustice In A Raisin In The Sun

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Lorraine Hansberry Broadway play A Raisin In The Sun illustrates how African American families struggled throughout life for justice and civil rights. Hansberry being an African American, was underrated an extraordinary writer. Many decades have passed and changed has occurred regarding race and discrimination. However in Today’s society we continue to face and see discrimination still takes place with injustice for African Americans and other minorities. Dreams and aspirations is what keeps the Younger family motivated regardless of race and injustice. In the film A Class Divided, a white women said “white is right”, meaning to the color of your skin, I wonder if this is true? We currently live in the United States of America, a great nation, many travel the world to find freedom, seek justice and obtain civil rights. Hansberry experienced an “ugly childhood” (Thomas 52) growing up in Black Chicago neighborhood. She faced injustice with housing…show more content…
People who decide to marry the same sex or change their gender roles are victims of injustice. They are not allowed to go into opposite sex restrooms and are brutally murdered. As the years go by we continue to face different forms of injustice. On another note, Mr. Barak Obama became the first African American “president signified the dawn of a post-racial America”, breaking discrimination barriers. As in “I, Too”, he too sings America as well as the millions of citizens in U.S.A. As we continue to struggle to gain our civil rights, many injustice take place daily. We voice our thoughts and emotions and pray that one day discrimination and injustice will disappear form society and we get to live in peaceful
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