Examples Of Injustice In Ancient Egypt

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Did you know that ancient people built great pyramids and worked all day, what did they have in response?Well,in Ancient Egypt people worked doing pyramids and they were used until the Pharaoh died.Great achievements aren’t worth great injustice because they were hungry , tired, and dirty.

Great achievements are not worth great injustice because Egyptians were hungry.in the text it states ,”they eat bread, although they wash once a day.”This proves that Egyptians were hungry because the Pharaohs were the ones who had all the food.They were at the bottom of the pyramid so they didn’t have as much power as the Pharohs.

The second reason why great achievements are not worth because Egyptians got tired of working hard.In the text it states,”Many Egyptians didn’t sleep. They got tired of working hard. Sometimes they even got punished for taking a break they took.”This proves that the Egyptians were tired. I know this because if Egyptians workers didn’t do what they were supposed to be doing they were punished.This is not just because Egyptians got punished for taking breaks.The Pharaoh just got to boss and sit down with no work. the Pharaohs only work was to take care of Egypt.
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In the text it states,”Egyptians eat bread with his fingers,even though they only wash once a day.”This proves that Egyptians were dirty. This is not just because they were dirty it was also because they had families to take care of and wash. The Pharoh washed as many times because they had all the

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