Examples Of Injustice In Night By Elie Wiesel

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For centuries mankind has faced injustice due to prejudice and hate. How we have dealt with unjust acts has shaped society and molded the way that we think, changing our very morals and values. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, millions of people in concentration camps, including Elie, endure the tyranny of Hitler’s rein in an unforgettable event known as the holocaust. The deplorable conditions and oppressive treatment emphasizes the injustice inflicted upon Elie and his comrades. Wiesel’s theme is to stand up against oppression and speak out against injustice. This is conveyed when Elie chooses to write Night; he depicts the suffering and cruelty holocaust victims endured, which directly raises awareness about the historical phenomenon. Elie’s theme can also been seen through the brave actions and informative words expressed by the characters within his text that refuse to remain silent about the injustice. …show more content…

With physical proof, he divulged the real intentions of the Nazis which made him an outcast in the community, “[Moishe] went from one Jewish house to the next, telling his story and that of Malka, the young girl who lay dying for three days…” (7); since Moishe would not relent in spreading the truth of the horrors to come, people were made aware of the unfair treatment Hitler was encouraging. Even though he spoke words that opposed the beliefs of others, he relayed the truth about the oppression the Jews were to face, saying, “Jews, listen to me!”(7) when no one would acknowledge him. Having the courage to speak out against the persecution of the Nazis shows the valor of Moishe’s personality, furthermore, the idea that injustice should be vocalized is shown through Moishe’s

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