Examples Of Injustice In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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In society we are supposed to be equal. No matter your skin color, gender or religion everybody has a right to be equal. Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor is about a black family living in the south in 1933 named the Logans. They are facing many challenges that has to do with family, friends, and both white and black communities.Injustice can affect may aspects of people’s lives. There are three major types of injustices and those are Legal,Educational, and Economical.
There is lots of injustice in Legal. People will get unfair punishments and trials just because of segregation and racism. The Berry’s were burned as “them white men dragged him and Beacon out of that house, and when old man Berry tried to stop it they it him afire too.”(29) This is injustice because the Berry's got burned because one of them “flirted” with a white women. They could have easily just gone to jail but since they are
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White and Black school was different. Black school was usually very run down. The black children got “these old books when they didn’t want em no more.”(18) The black children got used books that were in very bad condition to learn from because when the white children got new books they gave them away to the black schools. Mama gets fired because” somebody told them about those books I’d pasted over.”(186) Just because Mama made the books better the white people got mad because they thought that the black children didn't get to have nice books. Also the books were supposed to be in bad shape to show that white children had superiority over the black children. Injustice was very big in education. The black children got hand down books that were in bad shape. Which shows the children got unfair education. If black people tried to improve schools they would get in trouble so the whites could show superiority over the black people The last is probably the most important one because it affects all aspects of
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