Examples Of Injustice In The Help

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The meaning of injustice is defined, lack of fairness or justice. In the film The Help, the characters pay a costly price when they confront the injustice of racism. The characters would pay the exact price in pain if they didn't face it. Today the price isn't as severe if we confront it, as it is if we don't, individually and as a community. The people in the film pay a price when they confront the idea of injustice of racism. Character Minnie believes it's unfair that whites get a nicer bathroom, then people of color as she is. Minnie sits on the white toilet and is caught by her employer Hilly. Hilly enraged fires Minnie on the spot. In this scene when Minnie confronts the unfairness of blacks she pays the price of losing her job. When…show more content…
Many people tend to speak up when situations are injustice, especially racism. In the era today, people gain attention when showing support and speaking up for injustice. When saying the price is different, meaning it causes the same great deal of attention, but is good to confront injustice instead of bad. If society today didn't confront injustice, it would be known as cowardly and inhumane. Now it is better to confront injustice than to not, unlike the 1960s when it was better to not than to confront it. People are individually judged by the community when you don’t face injustice of racism. Many members of the community believe in standing up for one another's rights. Britni Danielle's, An Open Letter to the Fans of “The Help”, gives the idea of groups that would destroy confrontation to injustice of race, as the article says, “...the reign of terror perpetuated by the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizens Council, limits racial injustice to individual acts of meanness.” With this information from the article the reader can realize, in the 1960s there were not only people against confrontation of injustice, but there were groups. There was more of a price to pay back then as many would draw attention to themselves and some groups would go to the extent to kill. Today's society does not go to that extent when it comes to confrontation of injustice of
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