Examples Of Innocence In Bless Me Ultima

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Literacy Midterm Innocence. This is something that many people tend to lose over time. In the book “Bless Me Ultima” by Rudolfo Anaya, the main character, Antonio Marez y Luna, is said to have lost his innocence as he grows up. I have recreated the scene where Antonio is believed to first lose part of his innocence in a form of visual art. The art is based on my interpretation of the scene. The drawing depicts a setting which takes place at night. The rays of light emitted by the sun barely scrapes the sky. A river flows down, slightly to the right of the painting. A few bushes and shrubs grow around the arid desert, while large strands of grass flow with the wind around the river. A few mountains tower over the land in the background. The moon, symbolic of…show more content…
On page 160, Antonio, coming home from school on a Winter's day sees Tenorio and Narciso bursting out through the doors of the Longhorn Saloon in a fight. Tenorio was a man who wanted revenge against Ultima because she had supposedly cast a curse on his daughters while Narciso was a friend of Ultima and Antonio’s family. The fight that Narciso and tenorio had is actually about Ultima. In the same chapter, Antonio witnesses another death apart from that of Lupito. After the fight, Narciso attempts to warn the Marez y Luna family about Tenorio’s aggression, but it doesn’t go as planned. Antonio hears Tenorio shoot Narciso. Running towards the two, Antonio sees Tenorio aim his gun at Narciso’s head. Antonio screams with fear and is nearly shot by Tenorio, but because he had no ammunition left, Tenorio flees. Antonio goes to Narciso and is the only person to hear his confession as he passes away under a juniper tree. This marks the second death that Antonio has witnessed. A boy of his age shouldnt have to experience what he has gone through. Antonio grows older, and just by being alive, he witnesses all these terrible actions and the brutality of
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