Examples Of Innocence In The Blue Bouquet

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Innocence is a trait that disappears with experience; we are unable to earn it back once we have lost it. We often correspond innocence with the idea of adolescence and unknowing and experience with wisdom and maturity. This is true in all cases, we grow each and every day and have many experiences where we learn new and different things, but we can never unlearn what was already taught we can only forget. “The Blue Bouquet” by Octavio Paz portrays this idea of the personal journey from innocence to experience or adolescence to maturity through showing the contrast between foreigners and commoners in Mexico. Through this contrast we discover how both characters had went through a journey from innocence to experience, this was shown through…show more content…
This was portrayed through the foreigner who had started out with an idealistic and romantic view of the world, and how this transformed into a horrendous and fearful reality. His initial idea was innocent and unknowing; he felt that there was a beyond and that he was connected to his world, where he could coexist peacefully with all of its beings. With his experience he discovered how his initial worldview has drastically transformed through that one, simple experience. There is also the perspective of the foreigner who believes how the first world countries represent superiority and how his life has always been inferior to theirs. He feels that the first world acts innocent and unknowing but really they are doing this for their own purposes which was shown through the quote “Don’t play saint with me,”. He soon learns how this is in facts untrue with learning about how his perspective was incorrect. Our perspectives are all different and can easily change from something idealistic to something more realistic, with one, simple experience we gain a vast world of knowledge and the way we think is completely
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