Examples Of Innocence In The Crucible

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Since the beginning of time people have gone through trials in court to either be proven innocent or guilty. In the Crucible by Arthur Miller a massive number of people were being convicted in Salem, Massachusetts because of the witch trials. The law of the land states that everyone is above suspicion until they are demonstrated to be guilty by legitimate evidence; in the play the Crucible if a person was accused of an unlawful act they were summons for being a witch and working for the devil without proper confirmation. Citizens in Salem were imposed to establish their innocent or be put to death, which caused conflicting issues in the village. Therefore, people should not have to prove their innocence.
In the play there have been many situation that concluded with no solutions that lead the character to betray their own belief. For example, in act one Tituba confessed to working with the devil to prove that she didn’t want to be a witch anymore. But in reality she knew that she did not have an option because issue was blame on her just for being the slave. Sarah Good became another victim in court that risk their good name to save their own life. The
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Like Abigail utterly told liars about how Elizabeth spirit had stabbed her at the dinner table but actually Abigail framed Goody Proctor with the doll Mary Warren had made as evidence to stable herself. Also Abigail accused Mary Warren for working with the devil in the setting of act three in the courtroom. The girls in courtroom acted as if Mary spirit was attacking them ,to scare her back to their side. Giles Corey also accused Thomas Putnam for being gluttonous for more land and therefore accusing his neighbors for it. The indictment of witchcraft are lies told in statements as if death is a game to play with. The whole conflicting trials in Salem, Massachusetts began with Abigail the deceiver of all the
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