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The Outsiders After reading about this book for a whie now I have decided to write about how innocence will fade with age. I chose this because I felt like in the book there were a lot of parts when the innocence faded as the boys became older Pony boy Curtis lives in a world where there are two types of people, the greasers who have no chance and the socials who have all the chances. One of the most important things fir the greasers is loyalty and trust and the only family the greasers have are themselves Darry is the leader and Pony boy’s oldest brother, Soda is pony’s second eldest brother and certainly the handsomest. The other members of the gang are Dally: who is a hood from New York and two bit who steals stuff just to keep his rep…show more content…
The poem likens the loss of innocence that the boys experienced to the wilting of flowers. Sunrises transform the night into day and everything is destroyed. Johnny and Pony boy admit that this loss is unescapable. Before Johnny dies he says to pony boy “stay gold” to hold on to his self and to stay confident. Innocence will fade with age. Throughout the story the boys become more mature and lose their innocence. Pony boy and Johnny mature the most both pony boy and Johnny grew up together throughout the story going through sufferings but by the end they learned to take care of themselves Pony boy is the main character in the story when Johnny kill’s bob, Pony and Johnny go hide in an abandoned church for a while. This required them to mature and that’s when he “Lost his innocence” Pony boy screamed No! “I’m fourteen I’ve been fourteen for a month and im in it as much as you are” I think Johnny is innocent firstly because he has been jumped by the Soc’s many times and secondly if he hadn’t have stabbed bob, Pony boy would have died and if Pony boy died the whole gang would be sad so Johnny had to protect Pony because he is his friend and because he didn’t want Pony boy to die. Although Bob and Randy were drunk that still doesn’t mean that they should have been driving and that they could drown Pony

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