Examples Of Innocence In The Scarlet Letter

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Fighting Ignorance and Demons
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, innocence is “the lack of experience with the world and with the bad things that happen in life”. Which people in society are too inexperienced to be evil? Children have not been on this earth long enough, have not had the chance to learn cruelty. Pearl Prynne from The Scarlet Letter is the perfect example of innocence. She was a child, and could not have possibly known about the evil in the world. Similar to Pearl, Sam Winchester from the television show Supernatural also an accurate representation of innocence. Although he was introduced to evil at a young age, he managed to remain pure and innocent. Pearl and Sam are connected through being disadvantaged as a result
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One of the more common rumors was that Pearl was the spawn of Satan. People claimed that Hester had had an affair with "The Black Man", resulting in Pearl. There were claims that Pearl was evil and impure. All of this, of course, was untrue, because Dimmesdale was her real father.
While the situation was entirely different, Sam was also accused of being satanic. In Sam's case, this was partly true. However, prior to Sam being the actual devil, his intentions were good and quite the opposite of satanic. This was unclear for other hunters during the apocalypse when Sam was killed for supposedly having relations with Lucifer. During this time he had absolutely zero satanic intentions and was actually trying to kill Satan. Ironically, after Sam was brought back to life, he went on to let Satan possess him and throw himself into a cage in Hell with the devil and an archangel.
Both Pearl Prynne and Sam Winchester are innocent. There is no questioning that. They are both innocent in their own unique ways and they are innocent in similar ways. While they both have led extremely different lives, they have both fought evil and ignorance. Through all of this both Pearl and Sam have managed to maintain their simple, pure, and innocent

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