Difference Between Ball Point Pen And Innovation

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Innovation, wheter it's a product, a service or a process can start from two different points. Firstly, Innovation can start from a problem. A person faces a problem, which the person has to overcome by some means. Innovation can be a way directly defeating that problem, or finding a way around it. An example of generating an innovation in order to defeat a problem is ball point pen. John J. Loud wanted to write rough surfaces and as fountain pens were not suitable for that, he developed the ball point pen. The initial problem has been solved, but new problems have been noted with the invention or the invention can simply be improved. Loud's design had problems, such as not being suitable for regular paper, ink over flowing or not flowing…show more content…
Wheter it's products, processes or services, improving and creating new inventions requires money and time. Even when individual wants to create something new, it does requires more deep understanding i.e. education, in the specific field of interest than a hundred years ago. Most innovations are thus made through companies rather than individuals as companies have more money to spend. Within companies where the purpose is to be innovative, it is necessary to have in addition to funds, an environment where both ways for an innovation to start can occur. If a company is too indifferent about problem solving, no new innovations are made. On the other if the company has too strict control over what problems employees must solve, than those problems could be solved but then the company might find itself to have become obsolete compared to competitors, as is the case often with technology companies. A good example of a company where the balance between the two ways has been created is Google. In Google, the workers have certain amount of time of working day dedicated to speficific tasks, but they also have an environment and certain amount of time per day dedicated to be creative, which is why Google is constantly one of the most innovative companies in the…show more content…
Nokia has tens of thousands of patents, but because of the company was structured majority of patents were not used at all in their own line-up and if they are not used than they aren't really innovations. Back in 1997, Nokia had designs for a touchscreen phone, but in 2004 when Nokia conducted a focus test, Nokia came into conclusion that people would not want touchscreen phone. Later on, it was revealed that because participants had tried devices that had been poorly working, expensive early models, the touchscreen phones tested so negatively. Steve Jobs famously did not care about marketing tests and their iPhone proved to be a huge success. Ironically, in 2010 Nokia earned more money from iPhones, than from their own smartphones, as Apple had licensed their patents. Regards to previous notion on importance of money, much of iPhone's technology and user interface was based on now bankrupt MyOrigo's prototype phone. MyOrigo had only enough funds to develop prototypes but not for manufacturing, so the company tried make deals with larger companies but never got receive financial success from their

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