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Hamlet is a very confusing character in the story Hamlet. In this story Hamlet is acting as an insane person towards typical people. This is very debatable because, Hamlet is a person who switches on and off being an insane or sane person. There is many evidence that proves that Hamlet is not actually an insane person. Hamlet is a sane person because of the actions he takes. He is an intelligent person. He is a person who thinks about his actions. Another idea is he thinks like a wise person. Even though there is evidence of him being sane there is some evidence that shows the reader that hamlet is actually insane. Firstly, Hamlet is a sane person. The reason for this is because he is a person who thinks things threw. In the beginning he has the choice to revenge his father so, that means that he will have to kill …show more content…

He is acting as any other mediocre person would. It is not possible to classify someone an insane person when he is acting or reacting like any other modern person would. The wise Hamlet is viewed more like modern day men. Modern day men are sometimes unhinged but make intelligent choices as well. For example, Hamlet is a wise man or a boy. He was never classified as an intelligent man or boy; Also his age was never mentioned. We can have a sharp idea of how old Hamlet is. With this in mind, the way we can tell is because of his actions and choices. The way he talks throughout the play he is very high level English. At some points he changes into an insane person because he was always trying to accomplish something. A thing a lot of psychologist people forget that hamlet is a character acting inside the play. During the entire play it is very easily noticed when he is acting as an insane person. The way he speaks and the words he chooses is evidence towards the idea of Hamlet being sane. Most modern day men act like Hamlet when he is insane but the modern men are not always seen

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