Examples Of Insanity In Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

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Edgar Allen Poe’s “the tell–tale heart” is a better example of insanity because he uses comparison, questioning, and long pauses in the story to emphasize the insanity of the narrator. To begin with Edgar Allen Poe uses comparison to emphasize the narrator’s insanity by comparing the narrator’s actions or feelings to the things that normally insane people would use. The text states “His eye was like the eye of a vulture these of those terrible birds.”(Poe 2). This piece of text shows that the narrator was comparing the eye of his victim to one of a vulture which means that he was using weird comparison to shows the narrator’s madness. The text also states “Yes he was dead! Dead as a stone. His eye would trouble me no more.”(Poe 10). To emphasize
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