Examples Of Integrity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Creative Title Many people believe integrity is one of the most important traits to have. Nowhere is this concept more prevalent than in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In the town of Maycomb, racism and prejudice are so deeply ingrained in society, they impact every aspect of daily life, including the justice system and one’s right to a fair and equal trial. Despite this fact, Atticus Finch is wise to accept Tom Robinson’s case due to the benefits to both his children and his community. By choosing to defend Tom Robinson, Atticus is choosing to teach his children morals and the value of standing up for what they believe in, rather than letting them fall victim to the racist hivemind of Maycomb. When Scout asks why Atticus is defending Tom Robinson, he replies “I could never ask you to mind me again” (Lee 100). By saying this, he is telling her that he could never in good conscience have the children listen to or respect him again if he did not…show more content…
According to them, his choice to represent Tom causes unnecessary hardship for Jem and Scout, such as the harassment they face in school and from their cousin Francis. However, when Scout comes home from school following one of these confrontations, he advises her to fight with her head, not her fists, and not to let the other children get her down. The very next day, when she backs down from a fight, she says “I can take being called a coward for him. I felt extremely noble for having remembered” (Lee 102). This quote shows that Scout is not, in fact, deeply hurt by her father’s choices and is actually proud of him. While she does love a good fight, Scout cares more deeply about her father and pleasing him than whatever taunting she may face. Additionally, Atticus is teaching his children morals and values by taking this case, as shown above, the benefits of which greatly outweigh any negatives from taking the
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